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Parts Seiko Co., Ltd

Quality Assurance



There are some analyzers in our Chinese factories below.

  • RoHS analyzer

    RoHS analyzer

  • Material analyzer

    Material analyzer

Quality Policy

"Offering quality that customers can trust and satisfy"

(1)Build a QMS that meets mandatory requirements of ISO 9001, and continuously improve its effectiveness with the PDCA Cycle.

(2)In order to achieve the quality policy, each department sets quality goals, monitors the implementation of the results obtained as a result of activities, and makes further improvements. Also, we review whether we respond appropriately to changing customers' requirements.

(3)We will comply with relevant laws, regulations, and applicable requirements.

(4)The quality policy must be disclosed to all employees and workers by notices, morning assemblies, and study sessions. In addition, this policy can be made available to external parties.

June 1, 2017

Parts Seiko Co., Ltd

Kenji Ota