Parts Seiko Co., Ltd

Parts Seiko Co., Ltd

Environmental Commitment

Parts Seiko realizes that the continuous protection of global environment
is one of the most important issues in our business.
To that end, we will continue to contribute to
resource conservation and pollution prevention.

Parts Seiko acquired ISO14001:2015 certification on February 7, 2018.

Environmental Policy

Parts Seiko promotes protecting and conservating global environment to reduce an environmental load.

1. Always recognize the environmental aspects and are committed to reduction of an environmental load.
1) Energy Conservation
2) Resource Conservation
3) Waste Reduction
2. Set environmental objectives and goals based on our environmental management system.
3. Carry out anti-pollution goals and sustainable improvement of our environmental performance to the environmental impacts occurred by our business operations.
4. Ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations and other agreed-upon requirements.
5. This Environmental Policy must be disclosed to all employees and workers and makes all the environmental management activities maintained on a regular basis.

RoHS Commitment

Parts Seiko reduces an environmental load by non-hazardous chemical use. As the company that produces and sells precision parts, we promote procurement of environmentically friendly parts, materials, and surface treatment to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. You can be assured that we are able to distribute mill sheets, safety data sheets, and material safety data sheets to meet the customers' needs.