1-83-2 Shinwa, Misato City, Saitama 341-0034, Japan
TEL.+81-48-953-2007  FAX.+81-48-953-8770
The supplier of cutting parts and machining parts. Parts Seiko Co., Ltd


Led by our slogan “Less in Number, but Each One is Excellent”, employees grow continuously and individually, and work with positive passions everyday. Challenge yourself in such a working environment, full of vitality!

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【Job information】
Position 1. Salesman
2. General accountant
3. Business operator
4. Production manager
5. CAD/CAM and CNC compound lathe and machinery operator
Working place Misato City, Saitama, Japan
Salary Salary depends upon your working experience
Working hours 8:30~17:30(actual working hours: 7.58 per day)
Welfare Chance for salary increase: once in each year
Chance for bonus: twice in each year
Reimbursement for traffic fee
Complete social insurance (employment, occupational injury and health insurance, and pension)
Uniform renting
Day-off/Holiday 5 day working system; employees may enjoy Saturday, Sunday, holiday, annual leave, summer leave and paid holiday
(※Except for the first Saturday if you are hired)
Number of days off in each year:120 days
Apply Please contact Personnel recruiters ( Finance department of internal affairs)