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Environmental Activities

Our efforts to environmental protection

Parts Seiko Co.,Ltd was certified as compliance with international environmental standard ISO14001:2015 by environmental management system on February 7, 2018


【Environmental philosophy】

Parts Seiko will be committed to environmental protection and take it as one of the most important subjects in the long run. Our persistent efforts to reduce environmental load, protect global environment and prevent environmental pollution are reflected in all aspects of enterprise activities.

【Environmental policy】

Parts Seiko continues to conduct environmental improvement and protection activities, in order to reduce environmental load.
1. Our environment sense is always reflected in all activities of our company to reduce environmental load.
  1) Energy conservation
  2) Resources conservation
  3) Reduction of wastes
2. Establishment of environmental principles and objectives based upon environmental management system.
3. Persistence in eliminating environmental effects caused by enterprise activities, so as to prevent pollutions to environment.
4. Observance of environment laws and regulations, and other requirements approved by our company.
5. The policy shall be understood by all staff and network workers who will maintain daily environmental management activities.

【Response to RoHS】

Limiting the use of hazardous chemicals to reduce environmental load.
As a precision process parts manufacturer with social responsibility to environment, Parts Seiko positively procures the surface treatment procedure, and procurement of raw materials and parts, neither of which involves any of the six kinds of restricted materials stipulated in RoHS standard.
To offer satisfying products to customers, we will get steel inspection certificate and SDS(MSDS) (Safety Data Sheet) as per environmental requirements of customers.