1-83-2 Shinwa, Misato City, Saitama 341-0034, Japan
TEL.+81-48-953-2007  FAX.+81-48-953-8770
The supplier of cutting parts and machining parts. Parts Seiko Co., Ltd
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Corporate Info

Organizational structure

Parts Seiko Co.,Ltd Head office Logistics center
General accounting department
Technology department
QA department
System department
Domestic sales sites Business department
Fukuoka sales office
Domestic production sites Head Factory
Shirakawa No.1 Factory / Shirakawa No.2 Factory / Shirakawa sales office
Kagoshima Factory
Surface treatment business department
Hong Kong Parts Co.,Ltd Hong Kong Parts
Parts Seiko Metal Products (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. Overseas production sites Shenzhen No.1 Factory
Shenzhen No.2 Factory
Parts Seiko Metal Products (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Suzhou Branch
Parts Philippines, Inc. Manila Factory, Philippines

As a subsidiary company established in 2000 and wholly owned by Parts Seiko Co.,Ltd, Hong Kong Parts Co.,Ltd exports the products to customers in Japan mainly, offers products to Japanese companies in East Asia and Southeast Asia and provide extensive assistance for such customers in their overseas outsourcing strategies. By far, two factories have been set up in Shenzhen, China.

Company profile

Parts Seiko Co.,Ltd

Company Parts Seiko Co., Ltd
Head office 1-83-2 Shinwa, Misato City, Saitama 341-0034, Japan
Head Factory 1-83 Shinwa, Misato City, Saitama 341-0034, Japan
Business department 1-170 Shinwa, Misato City, Saitama 341-0034, Japan
Surface treatment business department 1544-14 Oaza Masumori, Koshigaya City, Saitama 343-0012, Japan
Shirakawa No.1 Factory 188 Hiegaeshi, Odakura, Nishigo Village, Nishisirakawa gun, Fukushima 961-8061, Japan
Shirakawa No.2 Factory/Shirakawa Sales Office 46 Hiegaeshi, Odakura, Nishigo Village, Nishisirakawa gun, Fukushima 961-8061, Japan
  *It is opposite the road of Shirakawa No.1 Factory.
Kyusyu Sales Office Room 101,Building 1,Office Karumu Hakozaki-Higashi,1-15-1 Matsushima,Higashiku,Fukuoka City,Fukuoka 812-0066, Japan
Kagoshima Factory 1792 Takahara, Miyazato machi, Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima 895-0056, Japan
Establishment August 20, 1985
Capital 87,300,000 Yen
Director President Kenji OTA
Executive director Noriyuki GOIBUCHI
Director Shiro MOCHIZUKI
Director Yuichiro OTA
Supervisor (attend regularly) Toshio OTA
Employee 300 people by April 1, 2017 up to present
Bank for transaction Mizuho Bank, Matsudo Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ West Side Branch, Matsudo
Final settlement Late December
Contact (Operator) TEL.+81-48-953-2007  FAX.+81-48-953-8770
URL http://www.parts-seiko.com
Business ◆Cutting products
◆Machining products
Medical instrument, printing machinery, office equipment, food machinery and FA machine
Auto parts, Semi-conductor parts, Optical parts
Other precise parts
◆Industrial part assembly
Industrial related parts
◆Self-developed product
◆Parts processing with special cold-forging
◆Hot treatment
High frequency, bonderizing and azotizing
Tufftriding treatment, Integrated quenching
◆Surface treatment
Chemical nickel-plating, Various galvanized metal and Various electrolytic gold plating
Alumite process, black-dyeing and Polishing and lapping

Besides, we may process customized parts as per your requirements.
Group company Hong kong Parts Co.,Ltd.
Parts Seiko Metal Products (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
Parts Philippines, Inc.

Hong Kong Parts

Company Hong Kong Parts Co.,Ltd
Head office Room 1319 13/F Sha Tin Galleria 18-24 Shan Mei Street Fotan Shatin N.T.HK
Establishment July 26, 2000
Capital 3,111,860 HKD
Representative President Kenji OTA
Contact (operator) TEL.+852-2646-8821  FAX.+852-2646-8283

Parts Seiko Metal Products (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.

Company Parts Seiko Metal Products (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen Factory NO.59 Niubei Longtian Kengzi Pingshan New district Shenzhen City Guandong province China
Establishment April 2, 2011
Capital 3,350,000 USD
Representative President Kenji OTA
Employee 195 people by November 1, 2014 up to present
Contact (operator) TEL.+86-755-8411-4848(operator)  FAX.+86-755-8411-4865

Parts Philippines, Inc.

Company Parts Philippines, Inc.
Head office Lot 16 Block 16 Main Avenue, Phase IV CEZ, Rosario, Cavite 4106, Philippines
Establishment December 12, 2011
Capital P8,700,000
Representative Chairman Kenji OTA
President Shiro MOCHIZUKI
Employee 150 people by November 1, 2014 up to presen
Contact (operator) TEL.+63-46-437-1901(operator)  FAX.+63-46-437-1904

Development history

August, 1985 Startup business in Ohashi, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture
April, 1996 Our head office was relocated to Togasaki, Misato City, Saitama Prefecture
July, 2000 An overseas independent entity, Hong Kong Parts Co.,Ltd, was setup in Hong Kong
December, 2001 A China Factory was setup in Longgang District, Shenzhen City
April, 2003 Became ISO9001:2000 certified
July, 2003 Subsidiary was to Parts Mekki
December, 2003 Our head office was relocated to Shinwa, Misato City, Saitama Prefecture
March, 2008 Became ISO14001:2004 Certified
May, 2008 Completion of No.2 China factory
August, 2008 A new factory, No.2 factory, was established in Shinwa, Misato City, Saitama Prefecture.
December, 2008 Amalgating with the subsidiary company, Parts Mekki and handing over all its business to the newly established surface treatment business department.
September, 2011 Parts Seiko Metal Products (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. with taking full ownership
December, 2011 Parts Philippines, Inc. Establishment
October, 2012 Suzhou Office was setup in Suzhou New District, Suzhou City
May, 2015 Shirakawa sales Office was setup in Shirakawa factory, Nishigo Village
October, 2015 Kyusyu Sales Office was setup in Fukuoka Pref
April, 2016 Kagoshima Factory was setup in Kagoshima Pref


Giving the first priority to heart to heart communication
In every production links, heart to heart communication is always put at the first place. We pursue our dreams with positive passions and actions and are alert to changes in economic environment and industrial structure. As a result, our company is enhanced in strength, and grows into an enterprise that contributes to social progress and development, as well as environment.

Company color

Company color of Parts Seiko is ecological green.
Green represents DEVELOPMENT, implicating our dream of “growing and developing gradually together with our customers like sprout” and our concept of “making contributions to environment”.

Company color