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The supplier of cutting parts and machining parts. Parts Seiko Co., Ltd
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about Parts Seiko
Product categories

◆Cutting products
◆Machining products
Medical instruments
Printing machinery
Office equipment
Food machinery
FA machine
Auto parts
Semi-conductor parts
Optical parts
Other precision parts

◆Part and component assembly
Industrial related parts

◆Self-developed products

◆Parts produced by special cold-forging

◆Heat treatment
High frequency
Tufftriding treatment
Integrated quenching

◆Surface treatment
Chemical nickel-plating
Various galvanized metal
Various electrolytic gold plating
Alumite process
Polishing and lapping

Company slogan

We listen to voice of customers, take “thinking, proposal, production and supply” and “heart to heart communication” as the most important things and carry out such procedures rapidly and effectively. In addition, we will work hard as ever under our principles, strengthen innovative and reformatory production, push our parts processing business into a higher stage with positive passions and thus maintain our credibility to customers.

To provide customer-satisfied products through product reform and QCD improvement

Reform and improvement activities

  • Talents cultivation (develpoment of professional training and leadership)
  • Advancing of machine debugging and preparation work
  • Development and application of self-owned system
  • Quality assurance by checking production line

VE(Value Engineering) Proposal

  • Cost control through improvement activities
  • Design and development of processing tool, and planning of processing methods
  • Proposal for dewaxing, die-casting and other contour machining technologies
  • Proposal for assembly of components and parts
  • Proposal for profiled bar processing

Continuous establishment of production system that meets customers' requirements

One-stop service

  • Surface treatment busines
  • Cutting, metal plate, hot treatment, contour machining and ASSY, etc.

Construction of overseas networks

  • Manufacturing of quantitative and periodic ordered product
  • Import and marketing to Japan
  • Support Japanese enterprises in East Asia and Southeast Asia

Self-developed product/standard components/other goods on market

Quick response to customers for whatever their demands are

Delivery matters

  • Three day delivery deadline for standard products

Customer policy

  • Response within 24 hours

Synchronization of quality and management of production sites

  • Dedicate to synchronize systems of Japanese factory and Chinese factory